How to completely watertight the Sailors Night Vision Cap battery pack:

The sailors night vision cap is water proof, but to make it completely watertight to work continuously in the most

severe offshore situations. it is advisable to do this prior to leaving shore.

Requires: small can of liquid rubber coating & roll of electric tape

  • Purchase a small can of liquid rubber coating , I used  Performix Plasti Diping
  • Open the battery cases and use a straightened paper clip to apply a small coat of liquid rubber coating inside the battery holder wire entrance.
  • Also fill the space in the battery case that is not housed by the battery with liquid rubber coating to eliminate space for moisture to deposit
  • Once dry, place batteries back in and slide cover on.
  • Then use black electrical tape and razor to cut a thin strip of tape to seal the slide on cover.
  • This will prevent any moisture inside the battery pack and avoid any loss of conductivity.

I did this to several caps and they continued to work for over 50 hours completely submerged in water.

Thank you

Colin Rath

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